Liverpool Yehlex Badminton Bonanza 20th August 2006

All the games were conducted in a friendly manner, while obviously being played to win, the most closely contested event being the men’s singles.

None of which it must be said, could not have taken place without the hard work of Jean Dean (and her committee minions), along with the staff of the sports hall who stayed open well over the allotted time so as the competition could be completed.

A long and tiring day it was but well worth everyone’s efforts as entrants came to say “thank you” for such an enjoyable day.

The day can only be described as a resounding success, friends were made, new club members for the League too, this event certainly helped us in promoting our game of badminton here in Liverpool.

‘Roll on next year’s Bonanza’

Report by: June Dunne, Committee Member

We sought them here, we sought them there, we sought them entrants everywhere –
“Panic” is the word we were using with a week to go with just four entrants to our name, “should we cancel, should we not”.

What little faith we had as on the day the Kensington Community Sports Centre hall was full to capacity with both junior/senior entrants and spectators from as far a field as Manchester.

Registration could, I suppose, be described as organized chaos, but only through people’s eagerness to get on court, but fifteen minutes on, the courts were alive with the sounds of rallies and smashes and that was just from the juniors.

The juniors were a joy to watch, they played with such skill and compassion for each other.

Games were scored under the new scoring system, which it must be said, caused some confusion (OK big confusion) but it all added to the day’s talking points along with Mrs Dean’s entering, in her enthusiasm, some unsuspected mother into the boys singles event.